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Commercial Mortgage Rates- June 16 2023
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Commercial Mortgage Rates- June 16 2023

Commercial mortgage rates are always changing, and it's often hard to get updated live rates. We at Twin Bridge Capital are frequently asked about current commercial mortgage rates from our clients. That is why we wanted to not only provide the most updated commercial real estate rates daily, but also explain all the nuances. Commercial real estate loan rates are determined by a number of factors, but the most important factor is supply and demand. Commercial real estate investors are constantly looking for properties that meet their investment criteria, and commercial mortgage lenders want to understand the property’s risk/return profile for these property investments before making loans available. We constantly have our finger directly on the pulse within all capital markets which separates us from all competitors. Please give our capital markets desk a call anytime to discuss your unique scenario. Debt & Equity (Long Term) 302-583-2915 Debt & Equity (Short Term) 609-850-6200 General Inquires 302-478-7500

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LOANS CUSTOM BUILT FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS & BUSINESS OWNERS Whether you need working capital, refinancing commercial or investment residential real estate, looking to buy and hold, fix and flip, or build from ground up- TBC has the capital for your investment and business needs. Both long term and to bridge the gap.

Experienced – we know your business. We have access to unlimited business & real estate capital and are backed by multiple strategic real estate capital sources & services that have helped fund thousands of small business owners & real estate investors find, finance, renovate, build and manage residential investment and commercial properties nationwide.

Efficient – we get the deal done.Our streamlined closing process and dedicated support allows you to focus on your business, not our paperwork.

Certain – we’re ready to fund. TBC offers certainty and reliability. We have the business capital to deliver funds when you need it, where you need it. 

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Twin Bridge Capital is a full service Commercial/Residential Investment & Small Business Capital Banker/Broker.
We primarily serve the Mid-Atlantic Region(DE/MD/NJ/PA/NY) however we have partnerships both nationwide and globally for most projects. Backed by multiple lenders, hedge funds, Commercial Mortgage Back Security(CMBS) loans, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Banks, Crowdfunds, Agency-SBA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA & numerous other private investor capital sources. We bring Wall Street to Main Street with one click of the easy button and have the capability to handle transactions from $10,000 to $100,000,000 plus, specializing but not limited to funding businesses, acquiring, renovating, building and refinancing investment residential and commercial ventures. In addition to providing debt financing -Twin Bridge Capital can bring either institutional or private equity sources together with your project. If necessary, we can arrange equity and/or a joint venture for qualified transactions to assure the success of a project.

Basically we can help fuel your business or find and/or construct/renovate and FUND your next commercial or residential investment real estate venture with one push of a button.

Whether you’re interested in working capital, buying, refinancing, or constructing a single family investment, multi-family, building, office complex, or another type of business purpose, residential or commercial space, you need to have the right team in place to find the deal, customize a strategy, negotiate and secure the most appropriate price and financing in order to augment elite results. . At Twin Bridge Capital we work relentlessly to lock down the most favorable deal for your business or project whether it's meeting your business capital needs, funding you first flip deal, or if it's a huge development project. And everything in between. We bridge the gap to both your short and long term goals with unlimited business, debt and equity solutions.

In order to help reduce your bottom line without sacrificing quality we have the ability to streamline your business and real estate transactions to be more cost beneficial all the while helping improve and rebuild your local communities.
In addition to Twin Bridge Capital's primary service of providing funding and private equity of your Commercial and Residential Investment projects or business needs, we offer TBC Streamline Services through our family of companies and partnerships.

Despite some complexities in the business purpose, commercial and residential investment finance sector and ever changing lending environments, we strive for our clients experience to be easy and hassle free while remaining cost beneficial. Our in house services and streamline processes make this possible and expedite your expenditures seamlessly. Our firm is committed to excellence and we thrive to earn your repeat business.

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FANNIE MAE DUS® Standard ($6M Plus) Twin Bridge Capital provides competitive, tiered pricing for acquisition or refinance of multifamily projects nationwide, including recently completed projects.

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FANNIE MAE® Small Loan Program

FANNIE MAE® Small Loan Program ($1.5M up to $6M) Twin Bridge Capital's Small Loan product streamlines the entire loan process for multifamily acquisition and refinancing loans ranging from $$1.5 to $6 million. Program benefits include reduced documentation requirements, streamlined report formats, and flexible legal/closing requirements.

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FANNIE MAE DUS® Multifamily Affordable Housing (MAH)

FANNIE MAE DUS® Multifamily Affordable Housing ($750K Minimum)-Twin Bridge Capital's DUS MAH product provides flexible terms for acquisition or refinance of multifamily projects nationwide that qualify as affordable housing. Eligible properties are those that participate in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, are encumbered by a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract or participate in the Section 8 program (either through vouchers or direct payments). Other, special uses can be considered for MAH status.

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FANNIE MAE® Streamlined Rate Lock

FANNIE MAE® Streamlined Rate Lock- Twin Bridge Capital offers Streamlined Rate Lock (SRL) which provides a fast and flexible fixed-rate option for borrowers interested in the ability to manage interest-rate risk by locking the entire rate, not only the Treasury index or spread. This flexibility along with an expanded delivery tolerance and limited breakage fees makes the SRL the fastest loan product available in the market.

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FANNIE MAE DUS® MBS as Tax-Exempt Bond Collateral (M.TEB) – Fixed Rate

FANNIE MAE DUS® MBS as Tax-Exempt Bond Collateral (M.TEB) – Fixed Rate- Twin Bridge Capital's MBS as Tax-Exempt Bond Collateral (M.TEB) – Fixed Rate issues MBS that can be used as collateral for either (i) existing fixed-rate bond refundings, or (ii) new fixed-rate bond issues in conjunction with 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

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FANNIE MAE DUS® Seniors Housing

FANNIE MAE DUS®Seniors Housing (Minimum $5M, with exceptions on a case-by-case basis) Twin Bridge Capital's Seniors Housing provides financing options for properties that provide Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL), Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care (ALZ), or any combination.

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FANNIE MAE® Unfunded Forward Commitment

FANNIE MAE® Unfunded Forward Commitment- Twin Bridge Capital's offers an unfunded forward commitment to issue an MBS upon completion of construction and conversion to a permanent mortgage loan for multifamily affordable properties. The MBS as Collateral for Tax-exempt Bonds (M.TEB) execution is an available option for 4% LIHTC transactions.

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FANNIE MAE DUS® Cooperative Apartment Financing

FANNIE MAE DUS® Cooperative Apartment Financing ($750K Minimum) Twin Bridge Capital's Cooperative Apartment Financing program provides blanket mortgage financing for cooperative multifamily housing.

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FANNIE MAE DUS® Student Housing

FANNIE MAE DUS® Student Housing ($750K Minimum) -Twin Bridge Capital's DUS® Student Housing product provides attractive terms and competitive prices for the purchase or refinance of properties that, because of construction and location, specifically cater to a student tenant base that may or may not be readily convertible to conventional multifamily housing.

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