Darrin Christy
Business Development Manager (Delmarva Peninsula)

Need picture. and bio. For your bio, choose any style you want. Provide me the content, but I have a journalistic style in mind. Ultimately you will pick how to market yourself, and I will give multiple ideas and open to suggestions. Although Darrin is located in the Delmarva region he also available to guide and arrange financing for most commercial and residential investment real estate ventures nationwide. blah blah. we will edit.

This where we can include links to your professional social media pages, links to news letters that I will provide content for that will be eventually white gloved as your own, etc. Think of this as your online busines card and somewhere you can guide others for more info/deeper dives. and a guide to others to learn more about what we can offer, where they can apply for  an approval, get  terms, upload documents needed if applicable etc. basically drive them to the site, and it will help you  to navigate  them or they can navigate on their own to find exactly that they are looking for(we will eventually have all of the content entered in... and they can contact through site, email, call, set appointment or get a quick quote for  exactly what they are looking for.  I can quickly identify the avenue to go down and we can present options based on info provided and pinpoint their options. That's where we have more than any other company. 

Going to need your help over next few weeks, not often and not too time consuming, but basically it's to help take over baseline of  business plan and to market yourself and general marketing stuff. But to give a good goal to start and make connections, we will aim to put a specific plan in place for Q2 Event  4/29/2023 (Backyard Olympics) We will continue to tweak and add as we go. 


These are mostly just Notes that will be deleted just entering here for simplicity for you to read as we polish up your personal site....If you want, you can find and try some other network events  College network, ? Family, friends in an aligning biz etc, make spreadsheet and start making a database and we can discuss how to approach each.  You can start to call people you know to let them know  what we have going on. I'll provide content tailored towards certain loan type audience.  And we can leverage citi for now as opening up some of the doors with our access to a $200M revolving warehouse line of credit available to us through strategic partnerships to fund deals and have full  access to multiple alternate funding options via investors that we currently work with everyday as other financing options that are not accessible through 99% of people in their network. The truth is, I already had this all set up before joining Citi but because we are there now, it's a short conversation with others to add some creditability and for others to harp on how valuable of an asset you are to their network.   We can sound as simple as hitting an easy button to obtain capital for them  or mix in the sophistication piece for certain  clients, depending on their level of investment strategy.   It's 1000s of different loan types, each specifically tailored for the many different types of needs and scenarios that we see, will see and haven't seen yet. 

You are sitting on an idea/current network  now that you can almost certainly  hit the ground running this month and help those open a door to a world they didn't know existed with our suite of loans,  unmatched access to capital...  it's just a matter of relaying the proper message to right audience. You have the mindset, I'm providing the skillset that you will eventually master pieces of it as we move a long.. and the last piece is action. Mindset, skillset, action. It's Action time. 

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